Cheboygan… by Land or by Water

We’re the place where the Straits of Mackinaw meets the Great Inland Waterway.

Our trails and lakes are unsurpassed for a perfect recreation vacation.

The absolute best and most diverse fishing opportunities in Michigan.

Incredible hunting terrain.

Our ORV, hiking, snowshoeing, cross country, and snowmobiling trails are fantastic…we have it all!


Check the Cheboygan County History Center. It’s an historic tour through our lumber and fishing heritage.
Visit the new Cheboygan Brewing Company. It’s an incredible place to visit with a Cheboygan Brewing History Center and a Brew Pub in one place.

The creative arts are here. Our Historic Opera House, built in 1889 and twice destroyed by fire, is the cultural center of sunrise coast of far northern Michigan.

Find Us!

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